Technolex Fancynews ( Blog ) Very soon you will get, for just Rs. 15,000, A super lap…

There is a good news for us that very soon we will be able to get a very cheap super lapto . The laptop, will have an e-book reader, phone and media player all rolled into one. We can draw on its fingerprint resistant touch screen, take quick notes, or click photos with its 3 MegaPixel camera. It’s got a 32 GB flash drive, expandable memory, GPS and Wi-Fi. All this for close to Rs 15,000. It’s a tablet PC that might just put Apple on the backfoot. And it’s been developed by Rajat Sahni, Sachin Ralhan, Devanshu Agrawal, Mohit Gupta, Rohit Rathi and Rohan Shravan. Six Indian IITians and an MBA. After getting rave reviews on several technology blogs, the seven are now busy preparing to launch their dream product in Las Vegas next month.

Source: Jaimon Joseph,


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