PLI Developments in Pharmaceutical and Biotech Patent Law

Practising Law Institute (PLI) will be holding a seminar entitled "Developments in Pharmaceutical and Biotech Patent Law 2010" on September 16, 2010 in New York, NY. Groupcasts of the New York session will also be held in Philadelphia, PA; Pittsburgh, PA; Mechanicsburg, PA; New Brunswick, NJ; and Boston, MA. At the seminar, PLI faculty will discuss:

• The top pharmaceutical and biotech decisions from 2010;
• Continued developments in the law governing the patentability of active pharmaceutical products from the Federal Circuit and District Court perspectives;
• Section 112 developments regarding enablement and written description requirements and how they apply to compounds, antibodies, nucleic acids, methods of treatment, and pharmaceutical compositions;
• Section 101 developments on utility and patentable subject matter; and
• How to integrate changes in the law from 2010 into prosecution strategies and practices.

In particular, PLI faculty will offer presentations on the following topics:

• Section 101: Redefining patentable subject matter and utility and the impact on pharmaceutical and biotech patents;
• The age of written description and enablement;
• Navigating follow-on biologics legislation;
• Maximizing patent term: Pointers & pitfalls;
• Recent developments in the law of patent remedies; and
• Recent changes in patent prosecution practice.

For Detailed Info click here click here.



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