Call for Papers – National Conference on Surrogacy: Issues & Challenges

The Gujarat National Law University is organizing a ‘National Conference on Surrogacy: Issues & Challenges’ on September 17, 2011.

Surrogacy is a contemporary practice, especially in a developing country like India. This ‘Rent-a-womb’ industry in India is estimated to be around $445 million. The developed nations like the United Kingdom and Canada prohibit commercial surrogacy. The position of law governing surrogacy has different faces in various countries across the world. Majority of the countries prohibit commercial surrogacy. There are various issues clouding the concept of surrogacy. It is an ongoing war of Morals and Ethics vs. Technological Advances. In this plethora of ethical and scientific arguments, lies one unanswered question, “Why should be commercial surrogacy legalized, even after knowing the possible drawbacks and disadvantages?”

India is possibly the only country in the world to legalize commercial surrogacy by virtue of the Assisted Reproductive Technology Bill, 2010.The bill is a proposed law to deal with the haphazard and unorganized medical tourism industry developed by the unregulated surrogacy laws in the country. The bill intends to protect the rights of the various parties to the agreement. It also makes the legal status of surrogacy clear.

In the light of the above, it is imperative to know the legal, judicial and the practical applicability of the bill, as it is one of the major legislation introduced by India to regulate a contemporary issue.

The objective of the conference is to address the issues and challenges surrounding Surrogacy. The Conference will see the convergence of Medical and Legal scholars and will provide a platform to all the stakeholders to deliberate the issues in a comprehensive manner.

Participants who wish to present a paper are requested to go through the conference brochure attached here for details.

Best Wishes,

Alok Nayak
Student, Fifth Year, B.A.,LL.B. (Hons)
Class of 2012
Gujarat National Law University
Gandhinagar | Gujarat
{M} (+91) 9924222640 (Gujarat) || 7503694200 (New Delhi).



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