Renewable Energy and Sustainability a Commendable Step by Illinois

To protect the state’s natural resources and ensure a clean and healthy environment for future generations the Governor Pat Quinn on June 28, 2014 signed a legislation to promote the purchase of solar-produced electricity in Illinois. The law requires that a special existing fund be used to purchase solar power and emphasizes the development of distributed solar generation, such as the installation of solar panels on residential rooftops. Now this innovation has made Illinois in USA a national leader in clean energy production. The new law establishes a competitive procurement process to purchase energy from existing solar devices and from new solar installations, which could mean thousands of new solar panel installations on homes in Illinois. These panels help power homes in a clean, healthy way and reduce homeowners’ electric bills by allowing residents to sell excess power to the grid. Existing and new utility-scale solar projects will benefit from the legislation as well.

The enhanced investment in clean energy will definitely create jobs and protect the environment and will further reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. This is pertinent to mention that the Illinois Power Agency was established by law in 2007 to develop procurement plans to ensure adequate, reliable, affordable, efficient and environmentally sustainable electric service at the lowest total cost for residential and small commercial customers of Ameren and ComEd. The procurement plans include electricity generated from renewable sources and from traditional sources.

This will further support the President Barack Obama’s Task Force on Climate Change and Resilience and help the federal government on how to respond to the needs of individual communities affected by climate change. Now Illinois has become no. 1 among all states in the USA in purchasing green energy and its energy efficiency programs rank in the top ten in the U.S., the only non-coastal state to do so. Illinois is also fourth among states in wind production, largely due to Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS). This will further help in utilizing less energy and water, LEED-certified spaces save money for families, businesses and taxpayers; reduce carbon emissions; and contribute to a healthier environment for residents, workers and the larger community.

Illinois’ $1 billion Illinois Clean Water Initiative expands funding for wastewater and drinking water projects for Illinois communities so all of Illinois has access to clean water. Govt. also funds for mass transit, electric vehicle infrastructure expansion, renewable fuels, high-speed rail as well as an ambitious state government construction and renovation plan that will save the state money and have a lasting environmental impact. It also funds the Governor’s highly successful Weatherization Assistance for Low Income Persons program that has helped 25,000 Illinois homes save energy and money through the winter.

I personally congratulate Governor Quinn in particular and Illinois State in general for this commendable work. I further suggest that the nations of the world should get lessons & inspiration from Governor Pat Quinn to promote the renewable energy resources and improve the quality of environment.

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