Potential Synergy between India and Poland in Energy Sector

Potential Synergy between India and Poland in Energy Sector

India and Poland have had a dynamic political, defense and trade cooperation in the past there should be greater academic interactions between both the countries. India and Poland shared vibrant historical and cultural relations. The Erasmus Mundus programme is important in this regard. After Russia’s collapse, Poland has emerged the largest trade and investment partner of India in the Central Eastern Europe. In recent years, India’s investment in Poland has significantly grown, approximately $3 billion, while Poland’s touched a record investment of $100 million, which is expected to double in a couple of years. But there are technical issues like the Polish government cannot sell those PSUs, where government has more than 51 per cent stakes. However, is important to underline that the Mittals have purchased most of the iron and steel mills in Poland, which became bankrupt particularly after the collapse of the former USSR.

There is great importance of soft power, like research and academic collaboration between India and Poland. Major Indian companies investing in Poland are: ArcelorMittal, Videocon, Escorts, Strides Arcolab, Reliance Industries, Ranbaxy, Essel Propack, KPIT Cummins, Zensar Technologies Ltd, Infosys and Wipro, Jindal Stainless, Berger Paints India, UFLEX Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Flemingo Duty Free, Rishabh Instruments etc. The Polish companies that operate in India include Torunskie Zaklady Materialow Opatrunkowych (TZMO) in Dindigul (manufacturing hygiene sanitary products) Can-Pack Poland in Aurangabad (manufacturing metal packaging), Inglot (cosmetic products), Geofyzika (seismic surveys for oil companies) In recent years, the scope of service sector has also substantially increased Poland is recognized for its green technologies, while India on the other hand is known for its growing coal consumption in the world. As a result, there is a great possibility of synergy between the two countries in sustainable development and reducing the carbon footprints. Besides, Poland has long and successful history in coal mining sector; hence can supply India good quality coal, state-of-the-art mining and safety equipment.

A strategic partnership between India and Poland would be useful in enhancing India-Poland relations. There is an immense potential for cooperation in energy, particular coal and coal mining between India and Poland. The intellectual discourse and cultural interactions between India and Poland have been widening and trade had substantially increased in recent years. India and Poland have organized an energy summit and trade fair for increasing interactions among the business community.

The potential of India-Poland relations still remained untapped. But the good thing is that there is no lack of will to enhance India-Poland relations. Both the countries have been engaged in the multilateral negotiations. India and Poland have taken initiatives such as establishing India-Central Europe Business Forum and organizing trade fairs, for enhancing their economic and commercial relations. India and Poland have common perceptions on many global issues. But still there are challenges for India-Poland relations like lack of direct flights, small Indian Diaspora in Poland, limited political interactions at the highest level and less coverage of India by Polish media and vice-versa. The Govt. of India should take urgent measures to overcome the said challenges to materialize the real benefits.

Source: 1. Zakir Hussain http://frontierindia.net/energy


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